“Integration of Bharat” through the Jammu & Kashmir Reorganization Act, 2019″.


“Integration of Bharat” through the Jammu & Kashmir Reorganization Act 2019″.

An Insight by Ms.Shakti Munshi.

Samaj Vikas Samvad,


“Integration of Bharat” through Jammu and Kashmir Reorganization Act, 2019″.

The Reorganization Act of 5th Aug 2019 for the State Jammu & Kashmir State divided the State into two Union Territories, namely the Union territory of J&K and the Union Territory of Ladakh.

The people of the two Union territories and the rest of India are making preparations for the first-anniversary celebration of these two newly formed Union Territories on 5th Aug 2020.


Invasion of the J&K State was a Great Game played internationally.

It was on 26th Oct 1947, Maharaja Shri Hari Singh had acceded his J&K State into the Dominion of India by signing the Instrument of Accession within rules laid out in the India Independence Act 1947.

The political environment in the two dominions of India & Pakistan and the Great Game played internationally led to the invasion of the State of J&K by Pakistani tribals in the name of JIHAD.


Pandit Nehru Made Big Mistake of going to the UN.

Pandit Nehru the then Prime Minister of India made the mistake of taking this invasion by Pakistan to the UN- thus encouraging Sheikh Abdullah to fulfill his secret dream of being the Sultan of J& K.

After Sheikh’s visit to the UN and his secret meetings with the western powers he pressurized Pandit Nehru and through him the Indian Govt. to incorporate Article 370 in the newly formed Indian C


Article306 was incorporated as Article370 in Chapter XX1 of the Indian Constitution As ‘Temporary and Transitional’.

Original agenda for 17th Oct 1946 meeting of the Indian Constituent Assembly was to discuss & finalize the Preamble of the Indian Constitution,

but on Pandit Nehru insistence the constituent assembly diverted the discussion on the inclusion of A 306 in the Indian constitution.

During this discussion, there was a lot of opposition against the inclusion of Article 370 into the Indian Constitution by Shri Baba Saheb Ambedkar (father of the Indian Constitution) and others.

Despite this, A 306 was incorporated as A 370 in Chapter XX1 of the Indian Constitution with the heading ‘Temporary and Transitional’. 

Thus from then on, all the articles of the Indian Constitution except those related to matters mentioned in the Instrument of Accession could only be extended through the window of A 370 into the State of J&K.


Post-1950 ‘Temporary and Transitional’ Article 370 became a powerful weapon.

Post-1950, Article 370- which was ‘Temporary and Transitional’, became a powerful weapon in the hands of the corrupt local leaders.

Through its provisions, the local politicians manipulated schemed the Indian Central Government so as to retain their powerful hold over the J&K State and its people for all times.

Article 370, limited the entry of those Articles of the Indian Constitution which were more progressive towards justice, equality for all citizens of India without any bias of caste, creed, religion, and gender.


Laws framed by the State Gov. under Article 370 were gender-biased.

Abuse of Article 370 by many local politicians in J&K State led to rampant corruption, no accountability, and framing of laws that were gender-biased.

There was a violation of basic human rights of the schedule caste Indians who came from West Pakistan in 1947, of the Safai karamcharis, and the Gorkha community.

Demographic changes and Gerry mandering were done in the valley to deprive the Kashmiri Hindus of their rights to representation in the State Gov. and finally their genocide in 1990.


Elections were rigged by J&K politicians under Article 370.

The abuse of power by the local politicians under Article 370 even led to the exploitation of the local majority Muslim population of the State as the elections were rigged and the panchayat election was postponed.

The local politicians turned a blind eye to the entry of terrorist and radical forces from across the border who spread terrorism and radicalized the youth of the valley.


Kashmir region has been the spiritual soul of Indian Civilization, Philosophy, and heritage.

Kashmir region through ancient times has been the spiritual soul of Indian civilization, philosophy and heritage and its mismanagement and exploitation by terrorist and radical elements encouraged by the local politician for personal power set the alarm bells ringing in Delhi.

The Central Gov. realized that if this entrenchment of terrorism and radicalization in the State is not controlled then it would be a security threat not only for the people of J& K State but also for the rest of India and Indians.


After seven long decades, the Indian Parliament passed the J&K Reorganization Act 2019.

So after seven decades, the Indian Parliament in its wisdom took the decision of reorganization of the J&K State by bringing in the 5th Aug 2019 Reorganization Act.

By this act, J&K State was reorganized into two union territories namely the Union territory of Ladakh and the Union territory of J&K.


Article 370 of the Indian Constitution was also decommissioned.

At the same time, Article 370 of the Indian Constitution was also decommissioned such that now all provisions of Indian Constitution as amended from time to time w/o any modification or,

the exception would now apply to the Union of J&K and the Union of Ladakh notwithstanding anything contrary contained in Article 152 or Article 308 or any other act or Article 363.


A year since the reorganization of Jammu Kashmir state has taken place,

Erstwhile J&K has been functioning as UT of J&K and UT of Ladakh under the designated LG appointed by the president of India.

Constitutional integration of J&K happened quite peacefully, but the socio-political integration would be the real “Integration of Bharat”.

This socio-political integration is a long drawn process and can only be achieved through socio-political development through harmonious engagement with the stakeholders of the state.


JKSC- Mumbai organized the “Integration of Bharat” webinar on 7th August 2020.

The Jammu Kashmir Study Centre and its chapters spread all over India have been patronizing this patriotic cause with various social interactions at different levels.

JKSC- Mumbai’s effort in organizing the “Integration of Bharat” webinar opens up another opportunity for the nationalist and concerned citizens of India to interact with Jammu & Kashmir expert and renowned intellectual Hon’ble Shri Ram Madhav Ji.

JKSC-Mumbai Inviting citizens to connect with the cause on 7th august 2020. Time:- 05:30 P. M. IST.
“Integration of Bharat” webinar Link.
Meeting ID: 869 7447 5385
Passcode:  12345
Enter With: Your Name@JKSC
RSVP: +91 99208 31104


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