BAHUBALI Villain Rana Daggubati declares engagement with Miheeka Bajaj.


BAHUBALI Villain Rana Daggubati declares engagement with Miheeka Bajaj.

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Tollywood superstar & BahuBali Villain King Bhallaldev; Rana Daggubati

Finally declared his future nuptial alliance with long-standing ladylove Miheeka Bajaj.

Tollywood heartthrob Rana Daggubati took to Instagram to declare his engagement with girlfriend Miheeka on Tuesday 12th May,

Rana shared a loving intimate photo portray on Instagram with a caption & Bright Red Heart emoji /

Rana Daggubati scripted his love on Instagram as – “And she said yes! #MiheekaBajaj”.

Since this admission by Rana has been posted, the entire film world is flooding with congratulatory messages to the celebrity couple.


Rana DaggubatiTollywood Actress Samantha Akkineni  said-  “Dead… died”

One such comment of admiration came from fellow Tollywood Actress Samantha Akkineni; who said-  “Dead… died”

Anil Kapoor also congratulated Rana by scripting  “Congratulations my Hyderabad son. I am so happy. The best thing to happen to both of you.” On social media.

Another famous co-star of Tollywood Tamannah Bhatia and Kiara Advani stated “congratulations” message on Instagram.

Hearing the news, Kriti Kharbanda was just over joyous in saying  “So so so happy for you Rana! Congratulations.”

Rana Daggubati’s fiance Miheeka Bajaj is an event planner, she also owns the famous Dew Drop Design Studio in Mumbai.

Entire Bollywood & Tollywood now are looking forward to the wedding card from this loving couple…


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