Merry Christmas is here! But How do we express our New Year Holiday Wishes!


Merry Christmas is here! But How do we express our New Year Holiday Wishes!

Somen Mukherji,

Samaj Vikas Samvad!

New Delhi,

Come December & It’s party time! No Religion world over bars its folks from celebrating one of the biggest festivals on earth.

The festivals of Christmas eve filled with nostalgic Joy of Santa clause bringing bag full of Christmas gifts,

the sight of Santa clause paintings, the beauty of shops being decorated with Christmas trees and brightly shining lamps,

with children’s busy drawing their Xmas trees fills this specific holiday session with adult folks having nostalgic memoir oozing out from childhood memory album.

Perhaps; all the living human being remembers to celebrate these very particular festivals since the day they gain enough strength on their limbs during childhood.

In fact, barely a few forget to eat their cake on 25th December. Such is the power of the Christmas holiday.

Every Year comes to the end with memories- some sweet, some bitter, some sour some tangy, but then we all eagerly await ourselves to finally forget those bittersweet memories; try to be merry with family and friends and joyfully wait for the New year to come.

A new year which shall finally bring all new hope, renewed energy & annual resolution.

But This fun fare time of the year filled with parties with our near and dear ones comprising family, friends, and relatives comes with a bit of headache; Near ones need to be wished, Dear ones needed to be greeted.

The headache lies in writing, as we barely hone our skill in writing; the tiring period ahead of a wishful party time finally takes some toll on our mental health; which may get reduced with some referral – thanks to the world of the wide web – The Savior.

We may refer to these readily available Holiday wishes for our near and dear ones…

  • Wish you and your family the world of Peace and joy this holiday season
  • I hope you and your family having a nice and warm holiday season! All my love…
  • I’m godly blessed to have a friend like you! Happy Holidays!
  • Thinking of you this fun time with lots of love!
  • I wish you enjoy a wonderful Christmas! Warmest greetings
  • May lord bless all your dreams for the coming year to be fulfilled! Happy New Year!
  • May God bless your holidays be filled with lots of happiness, peace, and love

If someone; you are missing for while on Holidays-

*I am Missing you even more at this time of the year! Merry Christmas,

**Christmas isn’t the same without you here, but I hope you have a wonderful holiday time!

**Cordially Wishing we could be together this holiday season! Happy New Year!

Holiday wishes for someone who faced lots of hardship this year-

  • It’s difficult when the Holiday Season comes during hard times, but I wholeheartedly wish you a new year full of peace, prosperity, and love!
  • I know this year may not be as prosperous Holidays ever, but, please be assured of wishes for the most prosperous new year. Lots of love.

If you may wish to greet or send Holiday Wishes to your clients, partners, and other business relations-

  • Happy Holidays and all the very best to you and your venture in the year to come!
  • It’s been a great pleasure to work with your esteemed self this year, happy holidays!
  • It’s Our warmest wishes for a happy holiday season to you and your concern!
  • Wishing you and your dear once a merry Christmas and a wonderful new year!
For short and simple Holiday wishes-
  • Happy Holidays to you!
  • Wish you a prosperous holidays
  • Enjoy the perennial year-end holidays!
  • Merry Christmas to you!
  • Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
  • Our warmest Christmas wishes!

These are some of the happy holidays wishes that you can send to your family members, friends, boss, and friends this year.


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