O-Genie – The Intelligent Travel Buddy App; Finally launched at Lisbon Web Summit 2019.


Intelligent Travel Buddy App O-Genie Finally launched at Lisbon Web Summit 2019.

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You must have heard about the term crowdsourcing, but this crowdsourcing is entirely different from

what you are thinking.

In this crowdsourcing campaign, the creators of the O Genie application are

asking travelers from across the world to share their travel insights to train Genie,

a voice-activated

travel buddy that uses conversational AI to talk to the user.Based on the travelers’ usage patterns,

Genie maps the entire user travel journey by learning their

preferences. Travelers can experience an effortless way to Search – Book – Board – Arrive with just a

simple voice command.

The application was launched on November 7, 2019, in Lisbon, Portugal at the Web Summit by serial

investor Jai Singh Jain along with the Co-founders Ankit Kimtee, Santosh Kataria, and Vivek Jain.

O Genie generates personalized suggestions.

“Travelling is a highly emotional experience and comes with an endless choice of options for different

travelers with different budgets and travel goals.

A lot of time goes into filtering through a lot of content to find a best-fit travel plan,

reflecting the need for a streamlined experience.

O Genie with its AI-infused travel system generates personalized suggestions right from the start”, said Mr. Vivek Jain,

Co-founder GenieTalk Private Limited.

“We’re leveraging cognitive technologies like Deep Semantic Similarity, Slot Value Extraction, LSTM

based-classification and more that have immense potential to provide a seamless, personalized user


our conversational AI is built for the specific purpose of understanding the context,

the intent, individual humor, region-specific phrases and slang to give users a truly effortless,

personalized and meaningful experience”, added Mr. JaiSingh Jain.

“More than a product, we are geared towards building an effortless future by changing the way

humans interact with technology. While currently, humans have to keep themselves updated on how

to operate the latest tech, we envision a world where technology will learn the human way instead”,

said Mr. Santosh Kataria, Co-founder GenieTalk Private Limited.

“The technology we are working on is unique, in the sense, very few travel players are working on such technologies across the global market.

Also, what adds to our uniqueness are the travelers who are coming together to build the world’s first crowdsourced travel intelligence platform, said Mr. Anikit Kimtee.

O-Genie is a one-of-its-kind application.

“The O Genie application is a one-of-its-kind application and we decided to launch it at the biggest

platform and what could be bigger than the Web Summit”, said angel investor Jai Singh Jain. “We feel

immensely proud that not only we are representing our city Indore but also putting our country India

on the AI map”, added Mr. Jain.

The O Genie team invites travelers to join their Genealogist program by lending their travel wisdom to

train Genie for it to become a one-stop source for all your travel requirements. The application is now

live and can be downloaded from the App Store and the Google Play Store.

Travel App O-Genie launched, What Is O-Genie?

An artificially intelligent, super friendly, and voice-activated travel buddy – Genie, easily controlled

through the O Genie app. Genie won’t just simplify the steps involved in traveling but will talk to you,

learn your preferences and give you completely personalized travel experience, from start to finish.

Transaction Over Voice

  • Cuts down steps and gives you an effortless way of handling tasks.

Conversational AI

  • Understands the context and continues conversation naturally, as a friend would, to get things


Intuitive Algorithm (AI/ ML)

  • Learns your preferences to generate the right and relevant results.

Highly Secure Gateway

  • Remembers all the necessary details, so you don’t have to do it yourself while keeping all your data and

conversations private.

Loyalty program

It gives you a host of amazing rewards and benefits.

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