PlayStation vs Xbox Game Console Rivalry is Generation old. 


PlayStation vs Xbox Game Console Rivalry is Generation old. 





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The most spoken rivals in the history of gaming consoles,

better known as PlayStation vs. Xbox Game Console Rivalry between these two leading brands, which they are fighting since 2001.

When Sony gaming introduced its first model Sony Play-Station One which really created a great impact in the world of gaming and,

After that, it took around 6 years to create its 2nd model the Play-Station two this console also brought a revolution in the field of gaming.

Then just after a lapse of a year Microsoft gaming Corporation introduced its first gaming console in the market.

thus begun the PlayStation vs. Xbox Game Console Rivalry in the world of virtual gaming.


The X-Box which gave a fitting contest to the Sony Play-Station 2.

PlayStation vs Xbox Game Console Rivalry is Generation old.

As the Sony Play-Station 2 had the processor of 295 MHz,

Whereas the debuted company Microsoft X-Box was having the processor of  730 MHz and thus,

The debuted company Microsoft had a great response from the gaming console enthusiast;

Due to this- Sony had to reduce its prices and had a big loss.

Then in 2005, Microsoft introduced its X-Box 360 which was really a great console for gamers,

and then just after one year Sony Play-Station 3 was launched,

Back then which was again a great console in the world of gaming.

But Microsoft had to face circumstances because of technical failure;

it had certain problems in its hardware and due to that drawback, it had to accumulate many of its units back.

And then both the companies took 8 years to build their next consoles.


Play-Station 4 almost revolutionized the whole gaming world.

PlayStation vs. Xbox Rivalry is almost a Generation old. 


PlayStation vs. Xbox Game Console Rivalry is Generation old. 
PlayStation vs. Xbox Game Console Rivalry is Generation old.






In 2013 Sony introduced it’s Play-Station 4 which almost revolutionized the whole gaming world which is still being used by many gamers.

Because it will make you experience a different kind of gaming- with all of its accessories;

like the dual-shock 4 wireless controller its exclusive games like God of war series,

the Uncharted saga, the last of us, Gran Turismo, and horizon zero dawn with all these games you can have better gaming experience.

And it also supports 4k hdr gaming which has a very nice graphics experience and by using V.R (Virtual Reality) it will make you feel a whole different experience in the world of gaming.

And then right after it, Microsoft introduced its new product the X-Box one which again was liked by many customers.

It also had great award-winning games like the Gears of War saga, the halo bundle, and the Forza Horizon.

Both the consoles have a very nice collection of their exclusive games. But X-Box doesn’t have V.R compatibility,

so that’s a drawback for Microsoft.

While talking about the hardware features of these two consoles Play-Station has a 1.8 teraflop GPU (graphics processing unit) whereas X-Box has a 1.31 teraflops GPU.

And both have two model types 1 TB and 500 GB. And then in 2016 X-Box introduced a new variant X-Box One S and then right after two months Play-Station introduced Play-Station 4 Pro.


Many users like Both the gaming consoles for its amazing Features.

Even thou there are generation rivalry between both this Gaming Console powerhouse;

Yet, Many users like Both the gaming consoles, as they both had many amazing features-

 while talking about the prices Play-Station pro it is being sold at $399 in America whereas in India its price is Rs. 38,990 and 349 pounds in England,

while talking about X-box One S it is of Rs. 21,490 for the 500 GB variant and Rs. 24,891 for the 1 TB variant.

Whereas, in the U.S the 500 GB variant is $249 and 1 TB is of $334.

Talking about the design of both of the consoles Play-Station pro has a very bulky and three-layer design.

Moreover, with a matte black finish, it has a very attractive look whereas the X-box One S is very slim and compact.

The addition to this feature is a white glossy look, which exalts its looks as very shiny and attractive.

While talking about the U.I (User Interface) both consoles have a nice and gentle U.I.

The X-box One S has a little bit complex U.I. , Whereas the Play-Station pro has a very easy and clean U.I.

But there are just preferences some gamers like the U.I of Play-Station pro,

whereas some of them like the U.I of X-box One S it’s just about the users what do they like?

Both of the consoles provide 4k HDR streaming and gaming so now you can watch Netflix,

Amazon prime video in 4k ultra HD graphics or you can play games with 4k HDR graphics.


e Console Rivalry is Generation old. 
game Console Rivalry is Generation old.

There’s a drawback for both of the consoles.

Both this gaming console giant fought for ages to make their gaming Gadgets near perfect.

in spite of having generation old PlayStation vs. Xbox Game Console Rivalry; 

Still, there are some drawbacks for both of the consoles still remaining.

as they both can’t make you experience true 4k gaming;

 Because they can only upscale the pixels and so that you can have a nice experience but that is not true for the 4k gaming,

But X-Box one X has the capability to make you experience true 4k gaming due to its powerful mechanism and hardware. 

And there’s also a plus point for X-box One S as it has 4k blu-ray player so you can watch any movie in ultra HD if you have a 4k blu-ray CD (Compact Disc) of that movie.

But you cannot stream an ultra-HD 4k blu-ray movie on Play-Station pro,

as it doesn’t support ultra-HD 4k Blu-ray; but it does have a normal 4k Blu-ray player;

 in which you can stream movies in normal 4k blu-ray;

which is a drawback for Sony but the normal 4k blu-ray movie’s graphics are also good enough.

But still both the consoles can make you experience Next-level Gaming.

Both of the consoles have their premium membership like Play-Station has its Play-Station network (PSN),

 like after becoming a Play-Station plus member or by joining the Play-Station network you can have benefits like,

 you can get daily-deals and games on a daily basis and;

 also some free games it has around more than 100 games,

But the best feature among all of it is that now you can play online multiplayer games with the Play-Station network,

Well, this is the main point for which you can buy or subscribe to the Play-Station network.


Microsoft would launch its X-Box series X-

to make you experience Next-level Gaming.

So this was all about Play-Station, let’s talk about the X-box Live Gold so it also provides the same as the (PSN) does,

Like it also provides free games every month and some discount on digital games

But the best part of it is that you can play online multiplayer games on it like (Fortnite, FIFA and the Call of duty series),

 So you can enjoy online multiplayer games on both of the consoles.

Well again both these consoles have almost equal benefits but on some of the other basis one consol is ahead of the other console and if you are thinking to buy any consoles now.

Then you shall wait for the Play-Station 5 but if you are a game freak and you can’t wait for the launch of Play-Station 5.

 so, for now, you can go for Play-Station 4 or,

if you want a very powerful console with a very high gaming performance then you can also opt for the X-Box one X.

But also if you are baffled and can’t choose which console you should opt for-

 then there’s one more option; that is you shall go for the X-Box’s future plans.

Microsoft is taking the big leap ahead in the age-old competition of PlayStation vs. Xbox Game Console superiority.

Microsoft has already announced,

it would launch its X-Box series X which would also make you experience Next-level Gaming,

with its more powerful hardware, it shall be a great choice for you.

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